Blind Pass Beach

A beach that offers almost 3,000 feet of sandy shores, Blind Pass Beach is to the north of Englewood Beach, but closer than Manasota Beach. There are plenty of trails to hike around, boat launches, fishing areas, bathrooms, and picnic facilities. The beach features plenty of shells and shark teeth for any avid beachcomber to enjoy.

The Beach

The beach is located in the middle of the island and is usually less crowded than popular beaches in the area. Instead of large resorts found elsewhere in Sarasota or Venice, there are smaller beach houses that are near the beach, adding to lower foot traffic at Blind Pass Beach. The sand does contain larger amounts of shells, minerals and stones, creating a beautiful mixture closer to the shore. You will be able to find many different shells and shark teeth along this beach.


There are accessible boardwalks that connect the parking area to the beachfront. Parking is free at Blind Pass Beach. A recently constructed restroom facility is maintained near the beach for public use. There are also many vendors around the beach offering chair and equipment rental throughout the day.


Visitors regularly encounter dolphins, manatees, and manta rays just a few feet out of the shore. Sea turtles may come out to the dunes during nesting season. Along the shore you can also see shellfish, crabs, shore birds and little fish through the clear waters. There is also a fishing dock located nearby for those interested.

Food & Drink

Aside from local vendors along the beach, you will need to bring food and drinks if you plan on staying a long time at Blind Pass Beach. The nearest restaurants are further south along Manasota Key, with plenty of options also across Beach Road in Englewood. However, they are further away and most guests choose to go to these establishments when they finish their day at the beach.

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