Don Pedro Island State Park

This Florida State Park was established in 1985, when the state purchased the land. It is a secluded island, accessible by private boat or ferry. There is also a land-base park that adds about 100 acres of recreational land to the state park.

Don Pedro Island features a sandy beach, trails, mangrove thickets, and plenty of water for different types of activities. Additionally, there are many types of wildlife that frequent Don Pedro Island including gopher tortoises, West Indian manatees, bald eagles and American oystercatchers.

The Beach

Along Don Pedro Island’s shoreline that borders the Gulf of Mexico, is a one mile stretch of sandy beach. This beach has white sand, which reflects sunlight and is cooler to touch, making it ideal for sunbathing, playing in the sand and beachcombing for shells and other treasure. Additionally, there is plenty of space to swim, snorkel and fish around the shore.


From the shore around Don Pedro Island and within the land-base section of the park there are many different types of wildlife to view as a visitor. There are many types of birds, including sandpipers and bald eagles, and also aquatic animals including many types of crustaceans and fish. You can also find all the species of mangroves found in Southwest Florida, including the red, black and white mangrove trees and buttonwood trees too.


Along with docks for boats and ferries reaching Don Pedro Island, there are also many different trails that travel throughout the park, providing views and access to peaceful natural areas for visitors. The park also offers canoe/kayak launches, picnic pavilions, restrooms, shower stations and areas for pets to explore.

Hours & Fees

Fortunately, both parts of the park are open to the public 365 days a year. Below you can find information on their hours and fees.
Hours: 8 A.M. to Sundown
Fees: $3 per vehicle (limit 8 people per vehicle) or $2 Pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.
Hours: 8 A.M. to Sundown
Fees: $2 per person, correct change is required.

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