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The biggest draw in Manasota Key is the beach! We have several beautiful beaches across Manasota Key, with others just a short drive away. A notable bonus for our local beaches is the greater level of privacy. Although they are public beaches, Manasota Key is some distance away from larger, busier places near Tampa or along the coasts of Eastern and Southern Florida. Here, we do not receive as much foot traffic, giving you more space to breathe and enjoy. Additionally, as a western facing beach, you can view some of the most gorgeous sunsets across the Gulf of Mexico near Manasota Key. Read more about each of the closest, local beaches you’ll have ample access to during your stay at Beachcomber of Manasota Key.

Englewood Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the area, it also includes Chadwick Park, which has a playground and picnic area. Englewood Beach is near the middle of Manasota Key, lying a short distance off of Beach Road, which makes it easier for out of town travelers to reach.

Manasota Beach

Located further north along Manasota Key, Manasota Beach is a more secluded area than other beaches in the area. There are ample facilities at the beach including a parking lot, bathrooms and shower areas for guests.

Blind Pass Beach

A beach that offers almost 3,000 feet of sandy shores, Blind Pass Beach is to the north of Englewood Beach, but closer than Manasota Beach. There are trails to hike around, boat launches, fishing areas, bathrooms, and picnic facilities. The beach features plenty of shells and shark teeth that wash up after storms in the sand.

Stump Pass Beach State Park

A Florida State Park that consists of 3 islands with a mile of beach loaded with seashells and shark teeth. This beach can get a little busier than the others due to its popularity. There is an abundance of wildlife throughout the park which can be sighted with ranger-led hikes to see tortoises, manatees, dolphins, egrets, and more!

Pet Friendly Beaches

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