Local Weather Patterns

We often get asked when is the best time to visit, especially from our out of state guests. Below, we have a general overview of how the weather usually is around Manasota Key.

When Is It Best To Visit Manasota Key?

When considering temperature, humidity, cloud cover, precipitation levels and water temperature, the best times to visit Manasota Key typically fall within the months of February to May and October to December. The other months in between include warmer summer months and also cooler winter months that have more cloud coverage and humidity levels than the other months. Even outside of those “better” months, the temperature around Manasota Key rarely goes below 41°F or above 92°F, with the typical range remaining between 54 and 89 degrees.

Water Temperature Trends

While the ocean won't be as warm as a hot tub, in Manasota Key, the water does typically remain within a comfortable range, with the warmer summer months having water reach temperatures of 82 degrees or higher. In the winter months, the water temperature dips down to the 70's, which can be chillier for some people's preferences.

Precipitation Trends

The rainiest months around Manasota Key are June, July, August and September. The other seasons are noticeably drier. November and December are normally the driest months, receiving the least rainfall compared to other months too.

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