Pet Friendly Rentals

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean you need to leave your pets behind! It can be stressful to find a dog sitter that you trust and it may be more expensive too! While not every resort or hotel will take your pet in while you travel, you can bring pets to our beachfront rentals at Beachcomber of Manasota Key. Enjoy your time on the beach with your furry friends as you look for shells and play in the sand.

Tips For Bringing Dogs To The Beach

  • Check For Pet Friendly Beaches : Local regulations apply and some beaches do not allow pets on their premises.
  • Does Your Dog Like The Beach? See how well your dog can swim and bring them to a closer beach to see if they enjoy spending time there.
  • Safety First: Bring a shady umbrella to help your dog stay cooler. Also bring plenty of cold water and frequently check for any signs of heat fatigue.
  • Clean Up: Be sure to pick up any droppings so that the beach is nice to use for everyone else too!
  • Rinse Off: Carefully rinse and wash your pet to make sure no sand and salt water sticks to them, which can be highly irritating.

Book With Us Today

At Beachcomber of Manasota Key, we do our best to support family pets in our beach rentals. There is an additional fee for pets, but you will find our indoor and outdoor spaces to be highly accommodating for them during your stay here. In addition to being pet-friendly, you can browse through all the other amenities our rentals feature. For any questions about our rentals and policies, contact us today!