All About St. Petersburg, FL

Located about 72 miles north of Manasota Key, St. Petersburg is the fifth largest city in Florida with 257,083 people in it according to the 2015 Census estimate. St. Petersburg averages 361 days of sunshine every year, making it a prime tourist destination. St Petersburg is only 23 miles away from Tampa, and also neighbors Clearwater, forming one of the largest metropolitan centers in Florida.

Local Destinations

Fort De Soto Park:
Operated by Pinellas County, there are several offshore keys included in Fort De Soto Park along with beaches and campgrounds. North Beach includes a dog park, pavilions, grills and plenty of sand with shells that float ashore. This is a popular area for beaches to explore in St. Petersburg.

Sunken Gardens:
Existing for over 100 years, this garden began as a drained out lake and exists under sea level. Over 50,000 tropical plants and flowers exist in this 4-acre garden. There are beautiful installments included in the gardens like cascading waterfalls, koi ponds, and flamingo habitats.

The Dali Museum:
Housing the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s works outside of Europe, this museum is located in downtown St. Petersburg along the waterfront. The museum’s collection contains 96 oil paintings, over 100 watercolors and over 1,000 graphics, photographs, sculptures and more in their library.

Additional Places To Visit

Weedon Island Preserve:
This 3,190-acre natural preserve includes abundant marine life that is preserved by the county’s Department of parks. There are also designated archaeological areas that include shell mounds from earlier civilizations in the area. For public use, there are 4.7 miles of nature trails, a 45-foot tall observation tower and a kayaking loop. Fishing is also permissible along the pier in the preserve.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve:
This is a 245 acre protected area operated by St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation. Inside the preserve, there is the Boyd Hill Environmental Center, a bird-of-prey aviary and over 3 miles of trails for hiking. There are also public playgrounds and picnicking areas available for use too.

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