Little Gasparilla Island

This barrier island is the southernmost of a small chain of islands including Palm Island and Don Pedro Island. It is a highly remote island that does not have roads inland and is home to almost exclusive private property (other than public access to the beaches on the island). There are plenty of rental properties on the island that can be reserved for a weekend or for seasonal terms. To reach the island, visitors will need to have access to a private boat or pay for water taxi service that can depart from a number of ferries nearby in Boca Grande or Placida.

Getting Around

With this island being a remote one, you'll need to find water ferry service to reach the island or have access to a private boat. Once you are on the island, there may be golf cart rentals that you can take advantage of with a rental you choose to stay at too.
  • Kayaks
  • Golf Cart
  • Walking
  • Water Ferry
  • Private Boats

Nearby Destinations

It can be very relaxing to rest at Little Gasparilla Island, but if you are staying there for awhile, you can venture around to other areas to enjoy including towns/cities and other natural destinations.
  • Boca Grande, FL
  • Placida, FL
  • Palm Island
  • Don Pedro Island

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