Englewood Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the area, it also includes Chadwick Park, which has a playground and picnic area. Englewood Beach is near the middle of Manasota Key, lying a short distance off of Beach Road, which makes it easier for out of town travelers to reach. The beach has lots of shells and shark teeth to find, ample parking and pristine sand. There are also bathroom/shower areas to clean off.

The Beach

The sandy shores of Englewood Beach feature plenty of space to pull out a beach chair and umbrella to relax in, or to lay out a towel and tan in. There are plenty of different types of shells and sharkteeth that wash up along the shore, providing a great beachcombing experience. The shore also faces to the west of the Gulf of Mexico, featuring some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.


Englewood Beach offers a lot of accommodating facilities for visitors to make their trip more enjoyable. The beach uses funds from parking fees to help with maintenance and operations. There are boardwalks leading up to the beach from the parking lot and public restrooms available. Showers are also on the premises to wash off sand. Lastly, there are also other recreational areas including boardwalks, volleyball nets, a playground, and basketball courts.


Commonly there are many different types of birds including pelicans, seagulls, and heron. You can view more at a bird lookout at the end of boardwalk #5. During May and June you may see sea turtles coming onto the shore to build nests and lay eggs. There are also dolphins and manatees spotted frequently along the shoreline.

Food & Drink

Around the beach there are commonly vendors walking around selling snacks and refreshments. Across the street are a couple restaurants including the Lock ‘N Key and the Waverly. There are also convenience shops nearby where more snacks and beverages can be purchased.

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